Community Safety

Ensuring public safety leads to a secure and vibrant community. I am thankful for first responders in Farmington. They work tirelessly to ensure the safety and protection of Farmington residents. Serving as the liaison for the police and fire departments has helped me understand the needs that are necessary to keep a safe community. One of the large tasks coming up is a new fire station on the west side of Farmington.

Preserving Open Space

Parks and trails are very important to the residents of Farmington. They make Farmington a great place to live and help us live healthy lifestyles.  I served on the trails committee for three and half years.  I used my degree in graphic design to develop the trail guidebook as well as a children’s hiking program.  I’ve helped maintain trails, hosted hikes, and helped create maps for the kiosks throughout the city. My personal favorite short hike is Haight Creek, its a hidden gem.

Fiscal Responsibility​

Being fiscally responsible includes managing funds and tax payer money through strategic budgeting, prioritization and cost effective decisions.  Over the years with Station Park, Farmington has been able to diversify tax revenue increasing the amenities which are now offered.  I will continue to support budgets that are efficient and prioritize the needs of residents.

Infrastructure Improvements​

When I started my grassroots campaign for the pedestrian access over Park Lane, I learned the importance of infrastructure improvements. Prioritizing infrastructure improvements enhances connectivity, boosts efficiency, and contributes to better quality of life. Our city’s infrastructure is deteriorating in various areas and I will continue to support plans for improvement so that residents can continue to enjoy the quality of life expected in Farmington.
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